There’s a very cool project starting here at Strange World: Interviews from the Void, where I’ll be interviewing other writers – both published and unpublished – about their writing process.

I’m interested in the writing process of other writers.

  • Is writing your full time job?
  • If not, how do you find time to write?
  • Do you write until you reached a word count or finished a scene?
  • Where do you write?
  • How did you start writing?

For example, perhaps a writer used to be a server at a restaurant where they worked long hours. After bar closing, the writer stays up until 4am, striving for their word count goal. This is the gritty information I want to hear more about and share with other writers. How did you find the energy to keep going? How did you motivate yourself?

With three interviews lined up thus far, I’m excited to share these discussions with other writers.

Our first interview will be with horror writer S. P. Carter, discussing his writing process and why the horror genre draws him in. The interview will post next Monday. Be sure to subscribe to Strange World and check it out.