Top Ten Writers Quotes – March, 2018

I’ve been conducting Interviews from the Void now for just over a month, and there’s been some great content shared by other writers thus far. I’ve gathered the top ten quotes from those interviews below for inspiration for other writers.

  1. “Every villain is the hero of their own story.” – S. P. Carter
  2. “You have to know when to listen and when to trust yourself.” – S. P. Carter
  3. “Learning to improve your craft is just as rewarding.” – Avrin Kelly
  4. “Writer’s block is simply out brains processing things we’ve learned as writers recently.” – Avrin Kelly
  5. “You can’t just sit down and write a screenplay. It’s a very mechanical discipline; a science all by itself.” – Andrew Hope
  6. Writing can only happen if a writer is intellectually honest with his or herself.” – Andrew Hope
  7. “Writing isn’t ‘I have an idea, now I’ll just write it down,’ but ‘I have an idea, I’ll start writing and see where it takes me.” – Tobias Klausmann
  8. “Don’t overplan the story and don’t cling too tightly to motifs.” – Tobias Klausmann
  9. “My main advice to writers – no matter the genre or publication route – is: write every day. You don’t need to work on any of your projects. Write a scene, write a location description. Just write.” – Tobias Klausmann
  10. “I feel that to write a good 60k word novel, you probably have to write 120k words or more and then pick the ones that are good.” – Tobias Klausmann
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