Space Opera First Draft Completed

It’s a big day here at Strange World. It was my goal to finish the first draft of my space opera by the end of March, 2018, and I’ve done it.

I completed the first draft of the space opera.

While I was working on a horror novella throughout 2017, this idea for the space opera was itching in the back of my mind. After the horror novella turned out not to be going in the direction I wanted, I switched projects at the suggestion of my editor and began drafting ideas for the space opera.

Back in November, 2017, I wrote an initial “treatment” of what the story would be, which was eventually expanded into a 33,000 word outline. As I played around with character motivations and development – along with world building – the outline went through eight revisions. The treatment also contained a 10,000 word piece of prose detailing what would become the final chapters of the project.

Starting in January, 2018, I started writing. However, what’s interesting is I had the outline next to me and I never referenced it. After going through the outline so many times in incredible detail, the story and all the motivations were in my head. Thus I was able to write by stream of consciousness until today.

Now it’s time to get on to the first pass of editing. After that, the test readers and my editor will have their review.

There will be a title and synopsis reveal along with a book cover reveal in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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