Interviews from the Void: Episode #10 – Adam Inglis

Highlights There are no hard rules to writing. Managing all the tasks associated with being a writer. Strategies for our writing productivity when we only have 20-30 free minutes per day. It has an adventurous and hopeful feel, which fits my attitude to writing.  Welcome to the tenth episode of Interviews from the Void, where […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #8 – Paul Huxley

Highlights How we learn the writing craft. Starting a publishing company and building a writing business. Writing tools and self-publishing. I believe you learn the craft mostly through osmosis. You have to submerge yourself in the best writing and then let that accumulated knowledge pour out when it’s ready. Welcome to the eighth episode of […]

What it Takes to Write a Novel

Post Highlights: It can take years to write a novel. Writing a novel doesn’t happen overnight. Take advantage of small blocks of time. Writing a novel is a journey. Focus on your overall progress. It Can Take Years to Write a Novel It took three years for Tobias Klausmann – who I interviewed in Episode #4 […]