OKULOUS-10, based on our LOG 02 and your LOG 32 we estimate the comm delay at 3 Earth days in each direction. What is the extent of memory loss? Is it accompanied by aggressive tendencies? Can you gather and analyse samples from impact location?

E5R LOG 36

Navigation lead by Paulo Cucco. I need to fix two light sensors to finalize our location. Navigational database won’t refresh without sensors. Paulo hoping to access our location history. Simulated farming systems operational and lead by Sahra Tofleson.

E5R LOG 37

Planning Objectives to be lead by Aditya Serinath. She confirms previous three objectives are critical. All of us are concerned about Foley, still under quarantine. Mishings is running memory tests on her now. Night and day shifts seem to be working.

E5R LOG 38
Silence in the ship and dark space outside has different effects on some crew members mental health. Others miss Earth. Schmidt thinks music may help with mental health. He instituted a daily requirement for crew to listen to their favorite music.

E5R LOG 39

KINMIL, unable to gather samples to analyze without compromising ship atmosphere. Colored areas do not come away from shell plating. Two crew members don’t remember their time on Earth before zombie sleep. No aggressive tendencies, just minor confusion.

E5R LOG 40
One exterior sensor is fixed. The other isn’t repairable without spare parts. Need to check storage. Surprising that I haven’t been down there yet. Still many areas of the ship I haven’t seen. Still a lot to learn about OKULOUS-10’s operational systems.

E5R LOG 41

Found engineering storage room, wall panels were taken down. Tools and parts everywhere, like someone was trying to disassemble walls. Very strange. How long this has been happening? Did find spare parts to fix other sensor. Will attempt fix tonight.

E5R LOG 42

Crew members eating their meals alone. Mishings insists on regular family-style dinners for each shift. Still no signal from Site E5R. KINMIL, are you able to attempt again? Repaired exterior sensor with spare parts. Install tomorrow.
Image Credit: GrahamTG