Upcoming Works for 2019

Greetings, readers and writers of the Void. I’ve been busy with a few projects that I hope to share with you soon.

New Short Stories

First, there are two short stories I’ve been working on. One is top secret, while the other is for Kyanite Press’ upcoming social science fiction issue. If these are published, I’ll be excited to share them with readers.

Science Fiction Podcast

I’ve written on Twitter about a science fiction podcast I’ve been writing. The overall story is based on my short story, SATURN: JOURNEY TO THE CORE. We’ve recorded one episode, and I’m excited to share it with the Void. We can’t wait to share more in the coming months. I did the voice acting and continue to hone my narration for new episodes.

Interviews from the Void

2018 was an incredible year. I was so thankful to connect with many talented writers who were willing to participate in my interview series, INTERVIEWS FROM THE VOID, and share their knowledge on the craft. This was a great project for everyone and I will continue to revamp the series for their new works and share with the writing community.


OKULOUS-10 is an experimental reading and writing project about the first manned spaceship exploring beyond our solar system. I will continue this story in February after I complete my two short story submissions.

2018 Works

Lastly, I want to mention other short stories that have provided enjoyment for others in 2018.



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