About Arthur Macabe

Greetings, writers and readers within the Void.

My name is Arthur Macabe, and I write science fiction, horror, fantasy and the strange – with a positive twist.

I conduct interviews with other writers to discuss the mechanics of their writing process, how they focus and physically put their ideas on paper. This series is called Interviews from the Void, and I’m always looking for potential participants. If you’re interested in participating in an interview and you have a website to showcase your work, please contact me (see below).

My current projects include:

  1. Writing content for the OKULOUS-10 spacecraft mission updates.
  2. Finalizing the third draft of a science fiction novel.
  3. Conducting Interviews from the Void and connecting with other writers
  4. Developing a science fiction podcast based on my short story SATURN: JOURNEY TO THE CORE
  5. Writing science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories:

Writing is the craft, and this is the workshop.

If you want to connect and discuss writing, science fiction, horror, fantasy and strange fiction, email is the best way to contact me: macabe.arthur@gmail.com.

You can also connect with me on Twitter: @Arthur_Macabe

Last Update: April 5, 2019

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