Interviews from the Void: Episode #30 – Allison Mullinax

Highlights How our upbringing, favorite restaurants and vacations can have influences on the settings for our stories. The importance of the inciting incident and why it needs to happen as soon as possible. How dialogue is essential to character development and relationships. I have always been over-imaginative, and I think this is a quality that […]

Interviews from the Void

My goal is to build a community of writers and inspire the pursuit of the writing craft. Below is my INTERVIEWS FROM THE VOID project, where we’re building a community of writers by sharing our strategies for focus and creation. Episode #31 – Sarah Beth (9/16/2018) Why it’s important to finish our work before sharing […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #25 – S. P. Stevens

Highlights Describing the use of magic and point of view in the fantasy genre. Worldbuilding, creating maps, and immersing ourselves in our own universes. Creating a world where our readers feel the emotion of our characters. “Things” are not important, compared to your health, and ultimately your life. Welcome to the twenty-fifth episode of Interviews […]