The Latest from OKULOUS-10

E5R LOG 00 ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….OKULOUS-10 LINK ESTABLISHED. CONFIRMING SITE….SITE E5 RECEIVING. CONFIRMING SIGNAL….RECEIVING TEXT ONLY. BROADCAST UNAVAILABLE. E5R LOG 01 Alexandra Boldt here, Communications Specialist for OKULOUS-10, waking from zombie sleep. Groggy. Other crew members awake before me. Muscular atrophy. Hope it goes away soon. A few hours to walk to communications. Protocol […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #19 – Amy DuBoff

Highlights Why writing science fiction allows us to explore the human experience. Self-publishing and being part of the entire publishing process. There’s a new way to watch television which can help us improve our writing. From initial conception to publishing the first volume, it was a seventeen-year journey. Welcome to the nineteenth episode of Interviews […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #10 – Adam Inglis

Highlights There are no hard rules to writing. Managing all the tasks associated with being a writer. Strategies for our writing productivity when we only have 20-30 free minutes per day. It has an adventurous and hopeful feel, which fits my attitude to writing.  Welcome to the tenth episode of Interviews from the Void, where […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #4 – Tobias Klausmann

Highlights The use of names in our stories and their importance to the story’s world. Strategies for self-publishing. Why writing daily is important. Writing isn’t “I have an idea, now I’ll just write it down,” but “I have an idea, I’ll start writing and see where it takes me.” Welcome to the fourth episode of […]

The Physicality of Editing

Lots of red pen. That’s what editing looks like. Below is the first few paragraphs of Saturn: Journey to the Core, which one can use as an example for what editing physically looks like. Many of the firsts words I deleted entirely. The first sentence below isn’t in the completed story. I changed the beginning entirely […]