The Latest from OKULOUS-10

E5R LOG 00 ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….ESTABLISHING CONNECTION….OKULOUS-10 LINK ESTABLISHED. CONFIRMING SITE….SITE E5 RECEIVING. CONFIRMING SIGNAL….RECEIVING TEXT ONLY. BROADCAST UNAVAILABLE. E5R LOG 01 Alexandra Boldt here, Communications Specialist for OKULOUS-10, waking from zombie sleep. Groggy. Other crew members awake before me. Muscular atrophy. Hope it goes away soon. A few hours to walk to communications. Protocol […]

Interviews from the Void: Episode #19 – Amy DuBoff

Highlights Why writing science fiction allows us to explore the human experience. Self-publishing and being part of the entire publishing process. There’s a new way to watch television which can help us improve our writing. From initial conception to publishing the first volume, it was a seventeen-year journey. Welcome to the nineteenth episode of Interviews […]