Interviews from the Void: Episode #3 – Andrew Hope

Highlights Story mechanics and the importance of character-driven stories. Setting a goal each time we sit down to write will help us increase our productivity. What inspires us to write weird fiction. You can’t just sit down and “write a screenplay.” It’s a very mechanical discipline; a science all by itself. Welcome to the third episode of Interviews from the Void, where I interview writers about their writing process, discussing the mechanics and physicality of the craft. In this episode, I had beers with local writer Andrew Hope, bonding over movies, screenwriting and H. P. Lovecraft. A. Macabe: So, you wrote Fantomex. I understand you had to do a significant re-write. Did you feel a lot of pressure when doing the re-write on your first big project? Especially of someone else’s work? Andrew Hope: It was definitely a more conceptual rewrite than just changing some characters and elements. When Axel sent me the plot, it was a pet project of his and he wanted to get it off the ground – I suspect to maintain hold of the property, since Grant was the creator. My biggest two questions were, how closely do I need to stick to both the original plot, and Grant’s 616 creation. The answers to both were do anything you want. Which was good, because I hadn’t read X-Men since Vince left the art and if I didn’t have to sink myself into continuity that was fine with me. The Fantomex you see in the series was not[…] [Keep Reading]